The Perfect Air Cushion System To Protect Your Products 

Air Cushioning -v- Loose Fill / Void Fill

Packing the Product

Loose fill is a messy and wasteful packaging system - the process of simply packaging a product for transport creates dust and particles, and the packaging area is normally swamped with loose fill by the time the product is safely packaged.

Air Cushioning is quick, easy and very clean. A single button press produces the required number of air cushions and these are then separated along the perforated seams and laid in the empty box. The product is then safe on, and surrounded by, a cushion of air.

Unpacking the Product

Air Cushioned Packaging simply gives a better image to your customers, increasing customer satisfaction and thus improving the likelihood that that customer will buy from you again.

Here is a typical scenario of a product being unpacked from loose fill:

The product arrives and on opening the box there is a spill of loose fill. This spill continues while the customer tries to unpack the product.

The product itself invariably emerges from the loose fill packaging with a covering of dust from the loose fill itself, and the customer also has a box full of loose fill that has to be disposed of in some way.

Compare this to a customer receiving a product packaged in Air Cushioned packaging:

When the product arrives, the air cushions themselves may be printed with your company name and logo. The air cushions are very easily and cleanly removed without spillage, and the product emerges free of dust.

When the product has been removed the air cushion packaging stays in the box - the customer has no mess to clear up. When the customer wishes to dispose of the air cushions, they are easily deflated and can then be folded to occupy less than 2% of the volume of loose fill required to pack the same product.

This clean product removal and easy packaging disposal increases customer satisfaction and makes your packing operation more efficient and economical.

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