The Perfect Air Cushion System To Protect Your Products 

The Advantages of the TPS System

Safe and Economical

The TPS (Thames Packaging Solutions) system operates quietly without a compressor and seals the air cushions at a safe low temperature. It greatly reduces storage space and saves time. It runs on standard mains supply at only 0.21kW/hr.


The TPS air cushions are strong and give a high impact resistance and protection to most kinds of products, as well as forming an effective void fill for oversize cartons or containers. Cushions can be re-used or easily disposed of and recycled after use. Deflating them reduces their volume to less than 2%

Clean and Practical

The anti-static HPDE film is clean, dust free and chemically neutral. It compares favourably with messy, dusty alternatives such as paper, loose fill chips, shredded paper or card.

TPS air cushions are 99% air and weigh up to 30% less than other packaging materials, saving money on shipping costs.


The prefabricated rolls of film are easily loaded on to the machine. A continuous chain of air cushions flow out at the turn of a switch. Each cushion is perforated for easy separating.

The machines are able to run unattended should you wish to prepare a stock of cushions.

Cost Effective

There is a choice of three models to cover all sizes of operation.

With a highly mobile and compact design, the system can operate directly at any packing point. For larger operations a centrally placed machine can provide sufficient cushions for several packing benches via transportable containers or overhead hoppers.

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